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    At this time we are offering instruction only via private sessions and private small group classes in San Francisco and Oakland. We no longer offer regular classes and public workshops. To schedule a private class or session with Stefana Serafina, founder and core teacher of Hoop the Flow, visit this link.   

WHAT IS NEXT?  If you are a woman interested in intuitive movement, flow, and embodiment, join Stefana Serafina for her INTUITIVE BODY and DANCE workshops and women's embodiment circles SHE MOVES, HER BODY KNOWS in the Bay Area, Europe, and other locations. 


     Hoop the Flow was founded in 2009 by Stefana Serafina as a platform for sharing the emotional, physical, and spiritual empowerment available through the hoop. Our classes nurture the unfolding of flow and expressive dance with the hoop, rather than focusing on the perfection of isolated tricks and drills. Our strategy is to explore the very nature of flow– the rising awareness of one’s inner rhythms and the unique expressive language of the body in motion. 
    An ancient tool employed by Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Native Americans, the hoop is honored in our explorations as an instrument for building body vigor and balance, and aligning with the cyclical nature of the earthly experience. We encourage our students to seek states of emotional release and physical attunement through intuitive movement, reconnecting with the inner dancer, working the entire body,  and breaking loose.